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January 2019

Atlin is the most beautiful place on Earth; in any season, in any weather.

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Atlin is a small isolated community in the NW corner of British Columbia, on the traditional lands of the Taku River Tlingits. Glacial-fed Atlin Lake is 4 miles wide and 85 miles long, in a wide wilderness valley surrounded by snowcapped mountains. Atlin is a 2 to 3 hour drive from Whitehorse Yukon or Skagway Alaska.

Current population is 300 to 500 full-time residents. During the Klondyke Gold Rush of 1898, the population was 10,000! Many buildings from that era still exist. Though Mining and Tourism underpin the economy of Atlin, there is a large and very influential number of artists, artisans and authors in this very special little-known community.

Please note: Atlin does not have cell phone service.

Aerial Atlin - Mike Johnson

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    Accommodations in Atlin - You'd be very happy in any of these I think.


    the annual Tarahne Tea

    Hosted by the Atlin Historical Society on the MV Tarahne, the Tarahne Tea is held in early July as a fundraiser for the boat. Confirm closer to the time for next year. Tickets will be available at stores in Atlin, and at the Museum. 250-651-7522.
    Tarahne Tea 2011 weather

    Tarahne Tea 2.jpg

    Tiny perfect sweets and savouries.
    photo by Diana Thayer
    Th 2006 AAMF.jpg the annual
    Atlin Arts and Music Festival!

    The Atlin Arts & Music Festival is held in July.
    See their website for more information.
    photo by  Allan Sheppard
    April Sunset over Table Mtn.jpg

    the Charm of Atlin
    blog by Murray Lundberg
    Atlin's weather today:  
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    Pine Ck Beach Atl Mtn


    Atlin Mountain Biking

    Website is up. it's only a beginning and more details need to be added etc.
    but at least it should get you started!
    Aurora Forecasts
    The Yukon site for aurora forecasts
    The Alaska site for aurora forecasts


    Shelby on Como Lake Ice Dec 2003?



    2005_0129_Atlin Mtn with moon Lakefrozenintown.jpg The Garrett front in winter

    Quilt - Sled Dogs

    Dec Skating on Como lake Aileena + team.jpg
    Aspen in winter with Caleb Snowshoes at the front door.jpg 01 vert 12"snow.jpg
    Sunrise Dec2005_1216_102729AA.jpg Rex curled up in the snow MH aspen hoar frost Feb 2010.jpg
    Atlin2005_0129_102737AA.jpg 01 Atl Mtn zoom snow squall .jpg Sunrise 12 Dec

    Things to see and do in Atlin
    DA MJ Atlin Air Beaver & Chris.jpg Aerial Atlin - Mike Johnson
    Pilot Chris Moser of Atlin Air flying a Beaver -
    photo by Mike Johnson, Colorado
    photo by Mike Johnson, Colorado
    DA MJ eskers MacD valley.jpg

    DA MJ wave ogive Juneau Icefield.jpg

    World Class Eskers at McDonald Lakes north of Atlin -
    photo by Mike Johnson, Colorado
    World Class wave ogives in the Juneau Icefields
    south of Atlin- photo by Mike Johnson, Colorado
    Wayne Carlick Canoe Launch.jpg Autumn Monarch from Crystal Beach
    Taku River Tlingits in the Big Canoe on Atlin Lake -
    photo by Wayne Carlick
    Autumn View of Monarch Mountain
    from a beach on Atlin Lake
    Atlin R mouth
    May 2009 Rhianna Rasmussen.jpg

    May 2009 - Mouth of the Atlin River.
    See photo album "The Taku Railway"
    on Discover Atlin facebook
    Chopper driver Rhianna Rasmussen of
    Discovery Helicopters on the shore of Tagish Lake at
    historic Taku Landing Railway Station, Atlin BC
    Como Lake 2013 manu Keggenhoff Three grizzly cubs at Nakina Adventures watch Mom fish for salmon. Photo by Jean PolfusJP Nakina Weir 3 cubs