The Garrett Store

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NOTE: No tire-kickers please. I wish to be clear, The Garrett Store is not for everyone. It's a historic building. You've got to love it.  It would not be an obvious "inexpensive cottage in Atlin." It has no water, no kitchen and no bathroom. For the sake of Atlin and Atlin's tourism industry, the store must be maintained in as original condition as humanly possible. The next owner must value it as much as I have. CM

24th of May

An important piece of Atlin's Gold Rush history

Yours for $119,900 Cdn

Commercial / Residential Zoning

Contact the Owner,
Carolyn Moore in Atlin at 250-651-0015
or at discoveratlin (symbol for "at")
Thank you!


The Garrett Store was built in 1917, and operated by John and Mary Garrett as a general store til 1941.

The store re-opened in 1998, in time for the Klondyke Centennial. From 1998 to 2004, The Garrett Store operated seasonally, selling the work of local artists, artisans and authors.

TGS interior2.jpg
TGS interior1.jpg Interior 1
TGS interior5.jpg

After 2004, the building housed the Dressup Corner Collection of Clothes, and the space was available for dressup parties, school trips, and as a reading room for children. At left, Children's Art Exhibit during the Music Festival 2010

TGS east wall front

TGS toward front

TGS west wall front

The store in 2011, 
looking toward Pearl Avenue