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Atlin Buildings
Atlin is the most beautiful place on Earth; in any season, in any weather.

Postcard Taylor 1927  

Atlin Waterfront circa 1927, photographed by G. Taylor, detail of postcard

MV Tarahne before lengthening


Pearl & First 1900+ Gladys & Atlinto.jpg

Early 1900

 MV Tarahne as built in 1917

MV Tarahne today (lengthened in 1926)

 First St at Pearl Ave


Govt Offices

Atlin Fire

OP Pearl Ave 1920 Taylors Photo Shop.jpg

The Government Offices

The Fire circa 1916

Pearl Avenue Rebuilt 1917 

ATLIN'S HISTORIC PEARL AVENUE - was re-built in 1917 after fire swept through the town core. Photo at right above is circa 1920. The light-coloured house on the right side of the street, has a sign out front which says "Taylors Photo Shop". The darker larger building uphill from it, has a sign which says "Post Office". Across the street, the awnings of The Garrett Store can be seen. Note the wide boardwalks each side of the street. They are raised well above the mud of the street. Today's mountain bikers and skateboarders would love these boardwalks.

Pearl_Millers_.jpg The Garrett on Pearl Ave Pearl Avenue
Former Taylor's Photo Shop, conserved by The Millers
The Garrett Store, conserved by Fraser/ Young The Globe Theatre, restored by AHS
AccomWinsPlace.jpg Bldg_Discovery_Jail.jpg Moose_Hall.jpg

Win's Place - Former home of Winnie Acheson, conserved by The James Family

Discovery Jail on Pearl Avenue,   conserved by Steve Snider The Moose Hall, conserved by Atliln Historical Society                  

Thayer waterfront Bldgs_Courthouse.jpg

Atlin Waterfront Today - photo by Brad and Diana Thayer

The Courthouse built 1900, conserved by Atlin Historical Society

Bldg_Post_Office_Kershaw.jpg Firetruck being washed Fire and Rescue Vehicles
Atlin's First Fire Hall, rescued from demolition by Anna Weiers. Post Office across the road (gambrel roof) is the former Masonic Lodge, conserved by Carol Studer Atlin Volunteer Fire Department and Search & Rescue
AVFD & SAR trucks on display

The_Pine_Tree_24KB.jpg Bldg_Barn.jpg General_Store.jpg

The Pine Tree is owned by the Sands Family, carrying on business in Atlin for three or four generations. 

Old Barn opposite the Rec Centre
The General Store owned by Tina St. Cyr